5 tips to maintain a good credit score

As much as we know that “money doesn’t buy happiness”, it is impossible to ignore the consequence it has on our lives. Maintaining a good credit score has only benefits, such as low interest rates and much more. The primary way your credit is established is on how you use your credit. Therefore, one must … Continued

Car Loan With a Co-signer

There is Superman, Batman, and so on, and then there is Co-Signerman. In our world centered on credit, co-signers have become modern lifesavers for those in need for a loan. Whether you need a co-signer for your auto loan, or have been asked to co-sign a loan, make sure you are well informed on all … Continued

Car Loan Balance Transfer

Okay, if you’re reading this, it means you’re in a pickle. Having a tough time paying off your car loan, and think transferring it along to your credit card is the best option? Did you find better interest rates, and think this move might save you some money? Let’s take it a step at a … Continued

LibertéAuto: How Our Credit Works

How the credit world functions, has always been a mystery to others- but we like to base our services on transparency, simplicity and efficiency. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and after numerous testimonials, we know the advantage it has on our reputation. Win-win scenario! Why Choose LiberteAuto? We look into ANY file sent to … Continued

Can I Deduct Interest From My Taxes?

There is no need to bug your accountant to know how to deduct your car loan’s interest from your taxes- just follow these step by step instructions to see all the great advantages and benefits it offers. For any specific questions pertaining to your information, however, it is highly suggested to seek a professional that … Continued

Can I Refinance My Car?

In life, second chances are generally hard to come by, but not when it comes to your auto loan. Refinancing your car basically entails improved modifications on your car loan terms of your current vehicle. You can request to refinance if the interest rates have dropped, if you didn’t initially get the lowest interest rate … Continued

How Banks Determine Your Credit Risk

Credit scores and credit risk- quite an intimidating subject for many. Dealing with banks on these topics aren’t much easier either. How banks determine your credit risk can become quite complex, but the more you know about your financial situation, and what key elements make up your score, the easier it becomes to improve your … Continued

Financing Your Car: What Can I Afford?

Seeking a car loan that is affordable is the essence of financing your car. To do this, there exist three main options to look into in order to make the smartest choice! Financing Options For You Dealership Financing When financing your car through a dealership, it becomes extremely convenient since you get to take advantage … Continued

Rate Simulation Tool

Before purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle, find out how much you can borrow and make sure your car payments will comfortably fit your budget. Thankfully there are rate simulations tools that help you plug and go, so that you can easily and accurately calculate what you can afford. Start making the right … Continued